View Full Version : Dufc Mb Xmas Panto

19/12/2002, 1:16 PM

Drogrough as Prince Charming

Seandrog as The Widow Tw*anky


Druggy Drog as The Magic Fairy ;)

windmillwarrior and Redhat as The Ugly Sisters :rolleyes:

Drogman and Dulux Drog as The front and back end of a Panto Horse :D

Look out he's behind ya :eek:

oh no he isn't :D

Oh yes he is :D :D :D

19/12/2002, 3:05 PM
I am very hurt by that remark.
Ugly sister indeed!

Anyway, how about a special guest apearance, Macy as the wicked auld witch ;)

19/12/2002, 11:33 PM
You can tell the princess that we're hung like a .......erm!.......pantomime horse!

btw Do you want the front or the back, Drogman?

20/12/2002, 7:58 AM
Ehh..front please as I dont want to be looking at your arse :D