View Full Version : What are the chances??

18/12/2002, 1:28 PM
What would the chances be if, hypothetically speaking, someone couldn't leave Drogheda until 6 on Friday evening, of getting anywhere near Bray by kick-off time??

18/12/2002, 1:37 PM
You're the bookie, you work it out :cool:

18/12/2002, 1:48 PM
Even bookies are afraid to offer a price on some things!!!!

Whelo Drog
18/12/2002, 2:24 PM
Are you travelling by car ?

18/12/2002, 3:23 PM
Yes, probably very fast! Except for the traffic, so very slow with really high engine revs!

18/12/2002, 4:47 PM
you would have no chance making it to bray by kick off.
I have travelled from leeson street to bray on previous fridays leaving at 5:30 and not made it for kickoff.

18/12/2002, 6:25 PM
Are you brave enough to leave your car somewhere on the northside & catch a DART ?

19/12/2002, 9:59 AM
Will there be a DART after the match?? Heard it may be tight to make the last DART

19/12/2002, 10:01 AM
I think there is one at 9:35 or around that. I know that most people have to leave the game a bit early so that they can catch it.
But if you want I can give you a lift in the Drogmobile, we'll be there in 10 mins :D

19/12/2002, 10:24 AM
Originally posted by DruggyDrog
Will there be a DART after the match?? You'll easily have time for a pint before the last DART. It's around 11:00 or so (you probably should check that though!).

19/12/2002, 10:34 AM
I think the problem is that to make the last train or bus to Drogheda you will have to leave the game early.
Same thing last time when alot of Drogs left early and missed our 2 goals, although the fact that we were 3 down might have had somefink to do with it.

19/12/2002, 10:40 AM
The last train is at 10:20 but Bus Eireann are putting on extra buses to Drogheda at midnight, 1:30am and 3am until the 23 of December except the 22nd. Its 9 Euro though :(

19/12/2002, 11:25 AM
The last night we played in Bray, we left Drogheda about 5:45 and got to Bray at 7:30. Donít know what it will be like tomorrow with the Christmas buzz.

I am going tomorrow night myself and we wonít be leaving Drogheda until about 5:45, so hopefully I will make it for kickoff. If you avoid the city centre altogether you should be flying!!

19/12/2002, 11:55 AM
If there was definitley a DART after the game then I'd drive to Malahide or Portmarnock, park there, get the DART to Bray, back to Portmarnock after the game.

I'll keep people posted, going to ring DART now

19/12/2002, 12:41 PM
There is a dart at:
Bray 2219
malahide 2324


Whelo Drog
19/12/2002, 2:57 PM
Last Match in Bray 01/09/02, I parked in Malahide and Darted to Bray,

One Major Bummer, Dart will terminate in Pearse St on way to Bray and you will have to wait around for a while, 20 mins approx, and on way back you will have to change at Pearse, Tara or Connolly as northbound Darts to Malahide are few and far between, most northbound are to Howth / Howth Jn.

C'mon the Drogs.....

But fare is cheap, 5Euro return approx if memory serves me right.:cool: