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Sean Drog
17/12/2002, 8:09 AM
Derry have lost another game and now are just 1 point above us, they are on a serious losing streak - nearly as good as ours earlier in the season. We have not lost in 4 matches and if we can get something in Bray we will be flying.

So to the Bray match.
I would love us to win but a draw would still be a good result. Now if we get any result I don't know, remember our tactics in Longford, playing fro the draw, if we do this in Bray we will lose, we have to go and get our first away win of the season. Brays result against Pats shows how good they really are and just because they are currently bottom we shouldn't underestimate them, if we lose we could find ourselves on the bottom.

Time for the players to get a long overdue win.

17/12/2002, 9:59 AM
It should be a good game on Friday, and yeah if we play like we did in Longford then we'll lose as I can't see Jason Byrne missing chances like the ones in Longford. Anyway hopefully Fabio can score against his lucky team.
Improvements that are needed:
1) Midfield has to support the front two quicker than in previous games. Myler and Fabio are left on there own too much and losing too much breaking ball.
2) We need to pass the ball better. I know that the pitch wasn't exactly like a carpet on Sunday but still apart from one nice flowing move it was just the usual pump it up over midfield. Alot of people that I have been talking to have been a bit critical of Stu Taylor in the last few games. Now I know that he hasn't been playing brilliantly but thats cause of the long ball game we keep playing. It just gets very frustrating as you all know when a simple look up to see whats on would work instead of pumping into the corner and chase it like hounds after a fox!! Anyway hopefully their playing surface is a bit better.
3)Big away support. This is a big game as regards the relegation battle goes and whoever wins this(If there is a winner) can have a better chance of getting out. WE NEED a good support to go down and create the atmosphere to give the lads that extra player that could swing the game in our favour.

Can't wait......

17/12/2002, 10:05 AM
Should be a good one, don't know if we'll get such a big away support with it being so close to xmas, some people actually do their shopping before xmas eve you know, madness I tells ya.
Song for the night (hopefully)...... jingle bells, jingle bells.....................oh what fun it is to sing when Drogheda win away... :cool: