View Full Version : Gortakeegan

06/06/2001, 1:25 PM
Are there any plans to fix up Gortakeegan for the coming season in the Premier Division?

A face
06/06/2001, 8:52 PM
What does it look like anyway .... does anyone have any pics of the ground?

06/06/2001, 11:26 PM
Is it in Monaghan town itself,or where is it????

Daniel McD
07/06/2001, 1:02 AM
Its a bit outside town, on the road out past the shopping centre

13/06/2001, 8:17 PM
Delighted Monaghan Utd are gone up!! Good luck to all the lads esp Barry Shiels!! ;)

Pauro 76
19/06/2001, 9:27 AM
Yeah same here! You should have got more credit from the media for going up, its a great achievement.

19/06/2001, 1:11 PM
but we gave the chairman (or was it secretary) a good cheer in the cat & cage before the cup final.
Whats the story with the ground though - only 600 seats. I didn't think you were allowed up unless there was 1500 in, or going to be in during the season?

19/06/2001, 6:31 PM
Yeah, like the FAI are going to implement a rule that's there for the good of irish soccer! Even if they did, they'd probably get taken to court again!