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09/12/2002, 7:49 AM
have to be recognised or is it just damned luck . Got away with two Missed penos in the last two games - not sure if they were saved but if they were then I betcha both fans will vote for the keeper as player of the year. That's 4 points when the should have got 1 .... disaster for us.

I really thought that 24 points would keep us out of the bottom two - now I think we need 28 , starting with 4 from the next 2 matches.

Another thing - No match reports in the Indo, Ireland on Sunday knob - maybe a draw is too much of a cheery story, or the Sunday Times .... I mean I was so long looking for a report that the shopkeeper threw me out.

So 5 points from 3 games - unbeaten - only 2 conceeded, 4 scored not bad , same from the next 3 games and we are sorted ?

Is the Cork match on the Sunday ?

Sean Drog
09/12/2002, 8:03 AM
that UCD are finally finding their form but we have also hit our form (well compared to mid season), I think we are very good for a win on Sunday against Cork - our home reciord is very solid and Corks away record is nearly as bad as ours.

We still have UCD to play in O2 Park (crunch match) and if we keep picing up points (even draws) I think we will stay ahead of Bray. Pat Delvins men must be very disheartened right now as the gap grows even bigger.

We need to keep our heads and play our game.

09/12/2002, 8:15 AM
... made an excellent save from Molloy - who dived anyway so justice was done - he also saved from Crowe.

UCD have had a great run but are still behind us ... so lets keep it that way ...

09/12/2002, 11:48 AM
We had our good run at the very start, followed by a slump, now a bit of a recovery. UCD started poorly, are getting into their stride now, but it won't last til the end of the season. I can see us picking up more than they or Bray in this final phase of matches.

09/12/2002, 4:38 PM
I think that this current form is much more indicative of the quality of the team than the $hite earlier in the season. We could have beaten Bohs, possibly should have beaten Pats, deservedly beat Rovers apparently and have only lost one of our last 7 games.

We probably won't keep that sort of form up but $hels on Friday and Cork away at the end of the season are our only remaining games against top 5 clubs so a few wins against the teams near us in the table should get us out of trouble (touch wood).

The two penalties were pretty dubious. Barry Ryan clearly got the ball against Rovers and I couldn't see anything for the Bohs penalty.

09/12/2002, 6:41 PM
There was a match report in the sports supplement of Sunday's Indo.
It was small and hidden away from the rest of the soccer coverage so i'm not surprised you missed it.