View Full Version : Damn damn damn

Sean Drog
07/12/2002, 1:35 PM
I can't believe UCD have beaten Rovers - how many games unbeaten have they had now :(

We really need to win tonight in Bogford, I think we can do it but we have to play our game and not let the dirtiest team in the league dictate the pace.
I believe we lost the 2 games to them this season because we let them disrupt the flow of our game.

A win tonight and Bogford and Derry will both be in the relegation fight with us, this can only help us.

If we win tonight it will be a 3 game unbeaten run, something we haven't done this season.

07/12/2002, 1:43 PM
Indeed you are right there Sean, a win tonight is paramount!!!
We can't take nothing less!!
Do you know what time the bus is leaving the clubhouse as there is no-one there to answer the phone???????

07/12/2002, 2:32 PM
We're 4 with out a loss and we've only lost 2 from our last 12.