View Full Version : Whats happened to the site.

02/12/2002, 11:21 AM
Can somebody please tell me why the message board on the site has closed down???:confused: :confused:

02/12/2002, 1:55 PM
It seems that somebody took offense to a posting, contacted the site editor and threatened action.
The Editor consulted some people and on advice decided that it was better to close the message forum.
I believe that FOOT.IE set this forum up for Drogheda United football supporters.

02/12/2002, 2:07 PM
That is pure madness. What ever happened to free speach. It's a f*ckin forum for christs sake, people are only expressing personal opinions. For anybody to take offence to something said on a message board is going too far!:mad:

02/12/2002, 4:01 PM
It is madness, but yet another indication of the society we now live in. While I was most upset at what happened, I am delighted that the site itself is still alive, and although I don't recall it mentioned in any of the final postings on our late lamented messageboard, I hope that the present editor of the match day programme remains in that position.