View Full Version : Sorry fellow Drogs

Sean Drog
01/12/2002, 7:26 PM
About having to close the DUFC message board but this way I can keep the main site open - besides this forum is pretty cool :p

02/12/2002, 9:46 AM
Who had the honour of the last post?

02/12/2002, 10:49 AM
Awww and I wanted to post up some porn as a fairwell message :D

02/12/2002, 6:14 PM
It's a real shame whatever happened, but disclaimers where on the message board. I know all about this copyright thing which is why I have had to disband my site also. Still this place is nice too. And thanks to Sean the site is still up and running. Someone should check out the abuse some guys get on other forums. A bunch of cnuts are responsible :( :( :(