View Full Version : Some bad news

27/11/2002, 6:00 PM
Conor is likely to be out for the rest of the season with his ankle injury.

Also for this Friday's game against Kildare, Mullin, Parkes and Carberry are all looking doubtful.

Oh No
29/11/2002, 8:58 AM
Yes, Conor's injury is very bad news with all the goals we have being leaking, we're in trouble at the back and in goal.

But I wonder if this really matters to the management committee of Athlone Town FC, do they really care?

This seasons PR has been a shambles with very little being said about the proposed new stadium (looks doubtful to me) or about the clubs prospects and plans going forward.

In fairness Jimmy Greene is the only one coming forward to speak publicly about the club.

Further evidence of the clubs dilemma is the lack of interest or passion from fans, this message board emphasises this.

Any opinions?