View Full Version : City on TV?

06/07/2001, 2:20 PM
Just passin the X. Lots of tv type stuff goin on, is it on a TV channel? i'd like to record the ting?

06/07/2001, 2:25 PM
Probably for a news report on Irelands greatest team? ;)

06/07/2001, 2:28 PM
yea if only they city the same coverage!:confused:

Conor B
06/07/2001, 10:22 PM
Look at this, I've been upgraded to member, well it just bloody well pays to be brazin afterall!!!

I have a tenner on Brian O'Driscoll to dcore the first try tomorrow st 11 to 1.

Sorry, but what I wouldn't give to be at the Cross, well maybe a tenner!!!