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03/07/2001, 11:18 AM
Pats merge with Francis to form SuperSaints Dublin 07/03/01 10:17:35

St Patricks Athletic are forming a new entity called SuperSaints Dublin which will come into its own at the end of the coming season - to that end St Francis no longer exist - the Saints are merging with St Pats - there wont be a St Francis in the Eircom League First Division this year - the club officially folded. St Pats will operate as usual out of their Richmond Park base this season but now own the ground at Baldonnell which has superb playing and training facilities - indeed the Republic of Ireland are now based there for home games. So the Super Saints now includes the club previously known as St Francis - they might be playing in Baldonnell by the end of next season and theres now a vacancy in the Eircom First Division for next season. St Patricks Athletic have called a press conference at the CityWest Hotel this evening.

03/07/2001, 12:31 PM
If this is the reason behind this press conference, the vacency now created in the league should not be filled. The lesser teams the better the quality. Indeed the league could be short a few more teams. With a promotion/regelation play-off allowing the top non-league side to compete with the lowest league team to allow possible entry into the Eircom League First Division.

03/07/2001, 12:47 PM
This is ridiculous. How long has this been in the pipeline without anyone hearing about it? Calling the team 'Dublin Supersaints' is terrible. The loss of the St. Pats name (much as I dislike them) will be a large one. Whatever about the merger, the name change cannot be allowed.

03/07/2001, 12:52 PM
dont think they r changing the name. there is a new crest on spatsfc.com but it still has St Patricks Athletic and is similar to last years one.

03/07/2001, 1:23 PM
Supersaints Dublin would probably be a business name, the merger may need this for legal reasons. I'm sure the St Patrick's Athletic name will remain.

04/07/2001, 12:37 AM
I'm sure this has been a terrible day for all Pats fans,with all the misinformation suggesting that we were to discard our proud name and henceforh be known by the dreadful title of Dublin Saints FC,Indeed,I was so pent-up I e-mailed a very angry letter to Dolo (which I have since retracted as things became clearer)So a happy end to an anxious evening,we are still St Patricks Athletic FC and "Dublin Saints" is merely our new nickname in place of "Supersaints",I think we can live with that! If there's one thing to be learned from today's events,it is we should treat all information as speculation until the true facts emerge,which is what I would normally do, but even I lost the run of myself today.

04/07/2001, 9:17 AM
Sure everythings ok so that pats keep their name & Francis are effectively takenover!

And to think people criticised Dublin City :rolleyes: