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26/10/2006, 2:28 PM
it is some job that they have done up there 2 finals in there first season and have beaten some good teams on the way in both.This time last year not one person had heard of them and now all the dublin league teams know that they are a hard game when we played them in pre season they were only in the early stages but you could see the potential that they had. it will be interesting to see were they will be next year and to see if they can build on there first year. What do you think of there chances for the final magicme????????????????????

27/10/2006, 8:11 AM
Thanks Prinz for the praise. We are delighted with how things have gone and talking with the management of the team, they have great plans for next season.

As for the cup final....there are still quite a few injuries including 2 of our best players, one with a broken wrist and one with a broken ankle, also a few colds and flu's running through the team but they managed to beat Cabinteely in the same circumstances so who knows. The one thing about the Mons girls is that they dont give up and are really tough when they need to be.

I dont know much about Kilmore but I see that they are in Premier B so they must be good! Anyone tell me what we are facing?

Would be beautiful if we could get our 2nd trophy a week before our first anniversary in football! Wonder would that b a record?