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30/09/2002, 11:24 PM
As predicted on this website the proposed flight to Cork has fallen.

City supremo Jim Roddy was quoted in the Irish star today on the matter. He confirmed that the flight would not now go ahead as "It would be too expensive for everybody who wanted to fly down to Cork"

Although this is a disappointing blow to players and fans the blow is softened as despite the geographical problems the tie creates there appears to be a sizeable travelling support gathering or Friday's game.

Internet message boards have been buzzing over the last week as fans make plans for the journeys. Alongside the obvious car and coach travellers, other have planned to get to Leeside by train, boat and planes.

Hopefully this will mean a large and vocal travelling support for the Candystripes come Friday night.

Roddy admitted "The interest has left me gobsmacked" but agreed that he ahd no doubt the support would be reducing as a result of the decision to play the game on Friday.
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02/10/2002, 12:23 AM
Heard today that six Derry fans have hired a HELICOPTER to get to Cork.

I'm not taking the píss.......it's for real!!!!

Counting Crow
02/10/2002, 10:24 PM
Brandywellpride, we're really looking forward to you all coming down to our fair City.

I think you are all going to be surprised at the atmosphere you will witness on Friday night.

It was absolutely electric a couple of weeks ago vs. Rovers.

One watch out, most tickets have been sold out at this stage down here so make sure you have some before you travel.

The Turners Cross Tavern @ 6.00 o' clock will be a good place for a few pints. See you there.

Hope you are good losers!!!!!!!!!!!

Up the People's Republic of Cork.

05/10/2002, 12:47 AM
Fair play to you Derry, won fair and square. Now do us all a favour and stuff the Dublanders in the final!! We're all rooting for ye!

Counting Crow
06/10/2002, 7:52 PM
Have to agree with Jack.

It hurts, but I do hope you stuff which ever shower wins today.

Anyway, it doesn't look like anyone other than a few of us from Cork log into this forum so none of ye will read it.

06/10/2002, 9:06 PM
Well what a weekend the BPSC lads had!

I still cant speak and if I see another pint it will be too soon!

Now that the final is against the Rvrs we should have almost all the neutrals supporting us and rightly so :)

BTW we come on this forum sometimes.