View Full Version : Roddy Collins?

01/07/2001, 12:00 AM
On the unofficial Pats forum a few weeks ago,after Collins was sacked by/walked out on Bohs,someone suggested (tongue in cheek,I suspect) that Dolan/Collins would be a managerial "Dream team". I've heard various stories since,and on today's Pats forum it appears that Collins has been seen in Richmond and was also at a couple of training sessions.Now I'm conscious that this may only be mere speculation but still,it seems to be gathering momentum.I admit I was critical of Collins' methods,particularly last season when he really p***ed me off,but if he does become involved with us and we win a few things ie the league and the ever elusive FAI cup with similar methods I would be delighted.(Selfish,I know) If it ever comes off I can see him taking over team affairs with Dolo taking a backseat and one thing's for sure,he won't let Pat interfere the way he did with Buckley!!! Can anyone throw any further light on these stories though???

01/07/2001, 2:37 PM
Surely that would be a case of 'too many chiefs'. I couldn't see two people with such high profiles and opinions working together without confrontation.

01/07/2001, 6:09 PM
You're right,of course.What was I thinking off? Obviously,there's no way Dolo will take a backseat as I suggested in mischief,as well as Collins not tolerating any interference.But still....if they could agree not to disagree (!!) and work out specific roles,with Dolo's motivational skills and Collins' sheer brass neck we could win all before us!!!