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26/09/2002, 8:31 AM
To Ray Egan,

I think it's about time you put up a more recent picture of the squad on your site. Get Buckley and most of his losers out of site.



26/09/2002, 3:04 PM
If you can find a newer picture, send it onto me and I will gladly put it up.


26/09/2002, 3:30 PM
Is there anywhere on the site which has an article about the famous European tie against Inter Milan ??

26/09/2002, 3:36 PM
Not at the minute but I can put some stuff online about it later if you want. Even have a couple of photos.

PS It was against AC Milan

26/09/2002, 3:55 PM
Sorry, whether it was AC or Inter, it was just some Italian club against the mighty Athlone.....:D

26/09/2002, 6:07 PM
The following is a couple of pages taken straight from Frank Lynch's book on Athlone Town FC. When I was scanning it in, it clicked that Declan mentioned in the piece is obviosly the same Declan Lynch that wrote a piece in the Sunday Independent last week titled "The Premiership game is your only man". Such a pity that his enthusiasm for Athlone Town and the National League in general hasn't continued on through his journalistic career. Oh well.....