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12/09/2002, 11:39 AM
DESPITE some media speculation, Kildare County FC have confirmed to the Leader that they have no intention of asking the Eircom League to replay the club’s first league match against Limerick, which took place at Station Road a couple of weeks back.

The talk of a replay arose after it became clear that the League had made a mistake in calculating penalty points- which arise from bookings-for the County player Ben Whelehan. Kildare County were informed that Whelehan would have to miss two matches through suspension, the Limerick and Finn Harps games.

However just hours before the Finn Harps match, Kildare County were contacted by the League and told that the Kildare midfielder was actually eligible to play in the game, and should have been available for the Limerick match.

Limerick won the match 3-1 at Station Road on Saturday 24 August.

“We have decided against making an appeal because it would have been very unfair on Limerick,” said Kildare County board member Pat McNally. “Limerick have dome nothing wrong in this situation and we would want to win the game on the pitch rather than in the corridors of power.”

“We were notified by the League of their mistake just hours before the Finn Harps game by Fax. But we could not play Ben because we wanted confirmation in writing.

“If Limerick had a player playing on the day who had turned out to be ineligible we would have made an appeal no problem,” continued Pat McNally.

“But in this case Limerick had done nothing wrong, they won the game fair and square.

“I think if I had been a member of Limerick and they had to replay the game because of a mistake by the League I would have been extremely annoyed.”

12/09/2002, 7:24 PM
at last a bit of level-headedness appears in the league. Well done Kildare. Although don't be surprised if we hear from keely on this at some stage

26/01/2004, 2:04 PM
its a pity i didn't come accross this thread earlier from 2 seasons ago. Maybe the limerick fans would have looked at us with a bit less disdain in the season just gone over the whole points deduction debacle.
short memories eh ?