View Full Version : Roddy to buy Drogheda United

A face
27/06/2001, 10:50 AM
Whazzup !!! on the radio dis morning, he met with the board in a hotel outside Drogheda yesterday, talks ongoing !!!

Watch this space.

27/06/2001, 11:50 AM
Sounds like hes up to his publicity stunts again?

I'll say one thing for him he knows how to get publicity for the himself/eL. Wouldn't you know hes really Steve Collins brother ;)

28/06/2001, 8:02 AM
I saw some of that chat with roddy last night and he basically denied the Drogheda story had any basis. Nobody seemed to be able (or willing) to say who he's supposed to have talked to in Drogheda. Knowing Roddy though, I won't be in the least surprised if he shows up there. It must be hard on the Drogheda supporters though- if this doesn't happen, then where is their club ???:confused: