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27/06/2001, 11:04 AM
Is it true?
Round 1: Town -v- Town,
only 1 Town will survive ;)

Will the Midlands have the long awaited derby game they so badly need ...

De Athlone - Going Up As Champions :D

27/06/2001, 11:15 AM
Who needs a derby, when we've got Europe :cool:

Originally posted by Ash
Is it true?
Round 1: Town -v- Town,
only 1 Town will survive ;)

Will the Midlands have the long awaited derby game they so badly need ...

De Athlone - Going Up As Champions :D

27/06/2001, 1:55 PM
athlone aren't even in the same league as "de town" there a second class out....

27/06/2001, 4:33 PM
Arrggh, that makes my blood boil.

L***f**d, the young whippersnapper of a club trying to take the name "De Town" from the oldest club in the league.

I bet ye never even played AC Milan :p

Although I despise ye little fecker of a club, hope ye (choke,chough, choke) do Ok in the European game ... might even venture out that direction for a look!

27/06/2001, 5:03 PM
i love this athlone town talk of we played ac...well that was because yee were lucky in the draw and there was no seeding in the draw sure if that was still the case "de town" could have played ac this year...what year was that anyway...nice to see your thinking of visiting the home of football in the midlands for the european tie....flancare will be a bit strange for you in that its not situated in the middle of some nacker estate, your car doestn't get stolen and it actually has seats !!! athlone your crap and you know you are !!!:mad:

27/06/2001, 6:36 PM
it makes me laugh to see ye longford fans critisise the athlone fans cos they live in a nacker hole ........ at least athlone have a bit of soccer heritage ............ btw congrats to cartron united for winning the U-16 Barry Cup the first team from outside dublin and cork to win it beating stella maris and home farm along the way

28/06/2001, 10:04 AM
Speaking of nacker holes, it is Scumgo you live in isn't it gustavo? Glass Houses and all that.....
And anyway this is a midlands football debate/ slagging match, so what has it got to do with you?

28/06/2001, 10:34 AM
just for the record... I hate sligo too :)

As the old joke goes....
Q. Why do L**gf**d T**n and sligo fans float on water?

A. cos they're both Scum ;)
(only joking)

see ye in Flancare/Rugby ground/where ever for the L.C. game,
and we can put the Abra -v- Luigis debate to rest

any L**gf**d T**n fans from Killashee???????
If so can you find out the whereabouts of Dan Casey
I havent seen him since college (many moons ago) and wouldn't mind meeting him for a few pints @ the L.C. game.
Think he used to drink in P.Vs and maybe Marions

Pauro 76
28/06/2001, 11:11 AM
Ash! Killashee man myself here, I know Dan, last time i was speaking to him, he was doing a FAS course in Shannon, hes down Eamons mostly these days, if i see him will tell him you were asking for him.

28/06/2001, 11:38 AM
Cheers Boss,
Dans a good mate of mine from the sligo days but I havent seen him in nearly 2 years.

If you see him tell him I was asking fo him and hopefully can meet up for pints @ the L.C., and maybe European game and recall the many drunken indoor football episodes!!!!!

Pauro 76
28/06/2001, 6:47 PM
No probs Ash, Dan Casey and indoor football! Cracking up already! Not sure when i see him next, but ill pass on the word chief!!!!! And best of luck to the Town in Tolka tomorrow nite, will be in London by the time Town are playing, but ill be wearing my Town shirt loud and proud in London!!!!!

28/06/2001, 11:24 PM
If I'm talkin to Dans sister I'll tell her to tell let him know Ash!! And btw Luigis wins HANDS DOWN!!

29/06/2001, 10:47 AM
Much as I like Luigis - Taco Cheese Chips win :p

29/06/2001, 11:21 AM
Nah, a mate of mine used to work there, I think, so its gotta be Luigis :)

Anyway, who really knows what they put in the Taco cheese chips
:confused: . (pity theres not a smiliey face for barfing ;) )

I once found 50p in a kebab in StabraKebabra in Sligo.
As for the one in De Athlone ....
"Sick of the bottom falling out of your world .... eat in Abra and let the world fall out of your bottom!"

29/06/2001, 11:25 AM
I try to avoid food after Blazers - normally full as a tick after all the drink :rolleyes:

Pauro 76
30/06/2001, 7:23 PM
Sorry to hear we lost last nite, just logged on. Was wearing the Town shirt last nite in an Oirish pub in London, got loads of inquires about it! Im spreading the gospel lads!!! Talk to yas when i get back... if i ever get back!!!