View Full Version : Where were yiz ?

20/08/2002, 11:41 PM
How come you had 70+ in Malahide and less than ten in Tolka ?

22/08/2002, 3:36 PM
I was there..... Had to get earmuffs on cause of all the effing and blinding being shouted at ref and linesman. Not the place for kids on a sunday afternoon....I think they will remember Hoops fans more for this then the actual match itself

22/08/2002, 10:11 PM
We didn't realise you were all so sensitive down south. Anyway how come there wasn't a bus load like Malahide ? or at least a support in double figures, not slagging just wondering. BTW if you see your keeper tell him he was more entertaining than the other 21 players on the field put together.

23/08/2002, 9:05 AM
And I though Dave Hill did most of the entertaining for ye boys..
Cant answer other question though. ....either had no ear muffs or too much traffic from Cats/Tipp match I suppose. Hopefully we'll have more up for the playoff at the end of the season.....

Only pulling yer leg Tommy, Im actually a closet rovers fan myself. Was at Parkhead for Celtic / Rovers game back in 80's...... Hope ye boys win the league this year . All the best

24/08/2002, 3:10 AM
The reason I was moaning was the match was so ****. Some away support might have got Rovers singing and thus livenened up the game. BTWGreat comment from Dave Hill which you might have missed with your ear muffs. Under a torrent of abuse such as Where's Becky ? (his ex-wife) Ye'd wanna get an equaliser Dave, the money'll help pay Toby's (his son) maintainance ! Mrs Tring (his former Mother in Law) is waitin outside for ya ! Hill turned to (what passed for) the crowd and said 'sorry I don't know any of your names'. Classic.