View Full Version : Ollie to sell up?

19/08/2002, 1:13 PM
[from de paper]

Byrne considering selling his stake in Shelbourne
19/08/2002 - 1:29:04 pm

Shelbourne's Chief Executive, Ollie Byrne, is considering selling his stake in Shelbourne Football Club.

Byrne, who holds a 90% stake in the club, was infuriated by refereeing decisions during Shels FAI Cup exit to St Pat's on Friday Night.

He says his gripe is not with St Pat's and if he does decide to stay he may take legal action against the FAI.

19/08/2002, 2:17 PM
Don't think it'll happen. I hope it does as we don't need officials of one club hitting fans of others. Scumbag

19/08/2002, 5:34 PM
Good riddance to him if he goes. I've no doubt he worked very hard for Shels but the League is better off without a narrow-minded spanner like him! :cool: