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06/08/2002, 2:38 PM
just wondering what kind of crowds are kildare getting for their home games ?

06/08/2002, 3:09 PM
Only 2 home games so far.
approx :

1200 v. Limerick
1000 v. Cobh.

06/08/2002, 3:15 PM
jjeze thats pretty impressive for a div 1 club, almost if not as many as $hel$ get :)

any pics of the ground in kildare online at all?

06/08/2002, 4:04 PM
Not as far as I know.

The official website is still under construction while the supporters club site is a few months away yet.

Theres a 250 seater new stand with corporate boxes nearly finished but thats about it. This will be expanded in the near future also.

No terracing yet but there are plans to erect terracing down the length of the pitch over the coming season.

Theres a field sitting idle right beside the pitch but I think the owner has a dispute with Newbridge Town and wont sell despite the clubs best efforts so that may hinder development.

06/08/2002, 5:12 PM
Just to say well done on bringing some support to Athlone. I'd say that was our smallest crowd of the season, which is a pity as you'd want to see it at least stay steady.

The Chief
07/08/2002, 2:18 PM
I was one of the few Kildare County supporters at Athlone last Friday and obviously it was an enjoyable experience winning 3 - 0.
I was a bit disappointed to read one or two reports suggesting that Kildare County were an ordinary team, after all we had just beat the oldest team in the Eircom League 3-0 on their home ground. Now no one believes that we are something special and as yet we have to experience the weekly grind of the League but the non begrudgers will acknowledge that in such a short space of time we have put together a fairly good side that has competed well up until now, with only one defeat to UCD in Belfield where we deserved a draw on the night.
It is too early for anybody to start pigeon holing our team as it is too early for any Kildare County Supporter to get over excited with our first five games, but it has to be said that the signs are good.
Credit must go to all the behind the scenes people for putting it all together in such a short space of time, also credit must go to our manager Dermot Keely for building this formidable team, Love him or hate him, he is one of the best, Finally credit must go to the players on their level of performance, God help the opposition when they REALLY get going.
Enjoying being part of the Eircom League family, so far the rivalry has been healthy and enjoyable. Slán

07/08/2002, 4:49 PM
Originally posted by The Chief
UCD in Belfield where we deserved a draw on the night.

Don't know about that. You didn't really look like scoring even though you had a good bit of possession. I was impressed with the quality of the team given that it's a new club.

07/08/2002, 5:23 PM
*makes a mental note* flatter kildare in the next mach report, do NOT call them ordinary, even if they are.

Anyways well done on three points. I was just glad that ye didn't run away with the game, despite the 3-0 scoreline! From the other results that I had seen, ye seemed to be pretty strong. As I said in my match preview, our two sides are pretty similar this season with a mixture of young and old starting from scratch. From our line up the other night, only about two of them were regular starters in our first team last season.

Good luck with the rest of the season, as our match programme and KCFC has pointed out, Newbridge Town was set up by some ex-Athlone fellas so it would be nice to see ye prosper as a club.

The Chief
08/08/2002, 9:35 AM
•MENTAL NOTE• - Credit where Credit is due

Against UCD we were definitely a bit unlucky to come away losers, lets be honest chances were few and far between, also the two goals UCD got were purely down to two defensive errors, now I aint taking credit away from the finishing of the two goals because they would grace any venue in the country, I mean Robbie Doyle is the best I have seen on any pitch so far this season, what a footballer, what I wouldnt do to have the likes of him playing for Kildare County week-in and week-out. Anyhow the best chance of the game fell to Gavin Doyle in the dying minutes of the game and but for a better first touch should have equalled the scores. We will probably have to agree to disagree, but I wont dispute that we learned alot from UCD's obvious higher standard of football. P.S. I was very impressed with UCD's ground!

My thanks must go out to Athlone Town for as they rightly pointed out two of their men helped in a big way put Newbridge on the Football map - P.J. Carey and Tony McCormack, both of whom I know personally and damn good footballers in their day! Now I don't disagree with my esteemed colleague from Athlone about his analysis of our Cup encounter with them last Friday except with the point of calling us "Ordinary" which as I already pointed out is very early in the season and the life of Kildare County to be making such assertions, after all we had just beaten you 3 - 0 on your own ground and if anybody was to be making criticisms of the opposition it should be me, but I fully understand that Athlone weren't playing their full strength team and they were trying out new players, but so were we! Soooo . . . CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE, I have never seen a flukey 3- 0 win! and if we are Ordinary what are you saying about yourselves? Having said all that I wish Athlone all the best tonight, you can actually guarantee us our first Cup final tonight if you can win against all the odds against Limerick - Go on do us a favour! remember P.J. Carey and Tony McCormack!!!!

Roll on Waterford Utd. on Saturday, hopefully another big crowd at Station Road, and hopefully another good result!

Slán go fhoill a chairde,
Is mise le meas
The Chief
Come on the Thoroughbreds!!!

08/08/2002, 1:33 PM
Well that would make us even more ordinary :) Hopefully we can do ye a favour tonight and maybe kickstart our own season with a great big win.

09/08/2002, 5:13 PM
Originally posted by The Chief
P.S. I was very impressed with UCD's ground!


That's a first.