View Full Version : A, Okeefe

16/07/2002, 12:09 PM
I am out raged that Pat Dolan has not given this man I run out in as many games as he should. I watched O'Keefe play in a friendly at Richmond last week he scored as did the other two strikers but it was there 1st goal each this season but O'Keefe's 8th.
Is pat choosing not to look at this bloke because he is to small??
this should not be a factor he is a flyer and a natural goal score from a very young age. I have watched him play in a All Ireland Final and if I remember correctly he scored twice to win it for his team, if pats don't sort him out with a decent contract im sure he will go out on loan then be snapped up and to be honest I hope ROVERS spot him soon cause he definitely is the new age player of league of Ireland fast , committed and a great finisher.

But must stop thinking he is beck's saw a picture of him in the paper at a training session in Croatia and had the spiked hair all the way round.
Over all to wrap it up play him before you lose him.