View Full Version : Supporters Club Go Online

16/07/2002, 11:20 AM
Athlone Town Supporters Club are now online at


Fixtures, results and details of events will be available online
aswell as, due to popular demand :) , the return of the
Talk Of The Town messageboard!

C'Mon The Town ;)

16/07/2002, 11:58 AM
I was going to suggest making up a kind of mailing list thing to send out reports of meetings to people, but ye went one better! :)

Also the online application form is good.

Just one little thing, the message board. Even if the sites are different, theres the same pretty small amount of people going to be posting on them. I'd prefer to use this one, as I just really don't like the boardhost ones, nothing against Talk of the Town :)

Theres no point fragmenting debate, so if people go back to TOTT, I'll more than likely move mine back too, but this is just a better board. And I'm sure Ash could be made a co-mod if ye don't like me being in charge.

But well done overall on the site.