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10/07/2002, 1:21 AM
I wonder would the supporters club be interested in taking over the production of the match programme? It really has gone down in quality all though last season and continued into this season. I'm not having a go at anyone in the club about it, but they obviously aren't putting any time/money into it. Maybe it's something that the supporters club could do. I'd be willing to help out with it anyways.

10/07/2002, 10:19 AM
The Athlone Town Supporters Club have already taken over
The Town Review, Athlone Towns match day programme!

I know the publication against Kilkenny City looked a bit flimsy
but we're just getting a few things sorted for the start of the
league campaign

More details to follow...

It's looking like another Division 1 Programme Of The Year award :D

10/07/2002, 1:15 PM
Good luck with it so :)

Like I said above, I'll help out with it in any way I can.

13/07/2002, 4:27 PM
Anto was telling me some of the stuff that ye are sorting out for it, sounds very good indeed!

Any chance of re-naming it Talk Of The Town ? I think that would be a better name that the Town Review, especially as you have a connection between your board and the supporters club now.