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rebel yell
23/06/2001, 2:11 PM
What do people think of CityNetFc? Are they a rival site to this one? Some members here belong there as well including me but
I don't contribute there. I must say it seems independent on its
message boards with plenty of flak flying. Don't look like a bunch of Patsys from what I've seen.

23/06/2001, 8:44 PM
It's not a bad site. Good to see such sites springing up about City giving fans a chance to discuss things in a calm and dignified manner!

A face
24/06/2001, 3:09 AM
Seems to be a good site, researched and presented well, but while the message board is good, a different perspective on things that are happening, but it seems that by and large they visit there, and nowhere else, it is a shame really, 'cos some of the guys there have valid points. they really have an auld grá for City too, and it would be good to see everyone, kinda getting together, all under the same blanket so to speak, all going to away matches together and having the crack, and end of the day thats what it is all about. It would be cool for all City fans to get together at some stage, seeing as we all have the same interest in common.

24/06/2001, 3:04 PM
Face, I love you too, man. I'm bringing you some flowers for the Longford game, man.

xxx, Leo

24/06/2001, 3:09 PM
yea face we planning to go up to Longford man. you fancy going up then get in touch man, although I hear Blazers has closed down.
We may have to find somewhere else to drink

24/06/2001, 3:33 PM
Is the guy at Citynet ever going to update his downloads or is he just going to wait for someone else to get some before he nicks them. And why does he constantly come on here telling us how great Citynet is. If it was that good I'd have stayed there after the fall of cityfc.com.
Go away, please.

A face
25/06/2001, 12:53 AM
Leonard ... you can forget the flowers, and get me a pint instead, cheers, that the first one anyway :D :D

Guys when is it anyway, as in what day of the week. is there a bus going?

25/06/2001, 9:21 AM
It's on Wednesday Face.

Doubt there's enough for a bus, but there should be a few cars travelling.