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15/06/2002, 3:02 PM
I hate to say it, but England are looking very good indeed. They could just have the defence capable of holding the likes of the Brazilians and the Midfield seems to be on form.

They can't go all the way, can they?

15/06/2002, 3:12 PM
Originally posted by gwanyagoodting
They can't go all the way, can they?

Brazil will beat them 3-1


15/06/2002, 3:46 PM
They didnt play well at all, Denmark were pitiful. That said they are a good side and have a lot of potential but I feel that Brazil (what about Belgium?!!) will be a bit too good for them.
Does anyone agree that Rio Ferdinand is having a fantastic World Cup?

15/06/2002, 4:34 PM
Don't worry, I'm sure theres a rule somewhere that says that any team with a player as bad as Danny Mills in it is banned from winning the World Cup.

Seriously though, everything went right for them against Denmark - who could've expected the Danish keeper to throw the ball into his own net after 5 minutes? How they can credit that goal to Ferdinand is beyond me. The Danes used up all their luck against the French the game before, its weird the way that happens - the english were due a result against the Argentinians after Maradona in 86 and penalties in 98 and they got it this time. The French paid for winning Euro2000 and their massive amounts of luck in the final against Italy by having none this time. Are we due some luck against the Spanish? I certainly hope so.

15/06/2002, 9:48 PM
We've used up all our luck and more. Hopefully there's still a bit left in the tank though.

15/06/2002, 10:05 PM
I'm not a big fan of Mills but he had a blinder against Argentina. He made a couple of slip ups today but on the whole he's surprised me. Ferdinand, as Colm quite rightly said, is having a brilliant World cup and Campbell and Cole are also doing well. With Beckham, Scholes and Butt playing like they did today and Sinclair seemingly solving the left midfield problem, I think they can handle the likes of Brazil, who haven't convinced me at all. In their only game against decent opposition- Turkey- they had loads of possession but didn't make enough chances, before getting a couple of good decisions and scaping it in the end.

I dread to think what they could have done with Gerrard playing though.......

16/06/2002, 2:13 AM
I think Anglia used up everyone elses luck with the first and third goals against Denmark yesterday :(

17/06/2002, 11:12 AM
Denmark handed the game to england so never got a chance to see if engalnd any good going forward. Their defense looks very strong though.

I've been trying hard to wish england all the best this tournament but is real hard. If we got through yesterday i had even promised to cheer england all the way til they out. :eek:

17/06/2002, 12:15 PM
England so Far
1 decent half against Sweden, 1 decent performance against Argentina = 3 x 45 minutes of decent football.
Brutal second half v Sweden, Brutal v Nigeria, did'nt have to do anything v Denmark, (The most spineless performance in the tournament?) = 3 x 45 brutal football, 2 x 45 of nothing.
Will have to beat Brazil and then Senegal/Japan/Turkey in the semi, Spain/Italy/Germany in the final.
1 hard game followed by what should be a striaght forward game, then a difficult match again. With the luck they have had so far, and the diving of Owen, I think they will come very close if they don't actually win it.
Beckham to be worth 100 million and to be crowned the greatest player ever in the history of the universe,
Ferdinand 50 million and to be crowned the successor to Bobby Moore who was the greatest defender ever in the history of the universe,
Owen 75 million and to be crowned the greatest striker ever in the history of the universe,
Sven Goran Ericcson to have his pick of any TV presenter he wants and be made Lord Goran of Moron,
And that's only in the Irish tabloids......;)

17/06/2002, 1:48 PM
I'm banking on light drizzle and Seaman doing a Packie Bonner on a Roberto Carlos scorcher.

17/06/2002, 2:02 PM
With the luck they have had so far, and the diving of Owen, I think they will come very close if they don't actually win it.

Now now don't be bitter


btw engalnds "success" so far has been down to good defense. Beckham & Owen done nothing.

17/06/2002, 2:16 PM
I concede that a couple of the goals were lucky against Denmark and that they haven't been 100% covincing at the best of times, but name me one team that hasn't played well fo one half. Name me one team that hasn't scored a sloppy or fortunate goal. Brazil have, Spain have, they all have. I'm not saying they're certs or favorites to win (my moneys still on Italy), all I'm saying is that theyre looking good, better than any England team for a while.

And as for Beckham and Owen doing ''nothing''- Beckhams corners and penalty, as well as his lay off for Heskey amounts to 4 of Englands 5 goals, with Owens dive getting the crucial penalty againt Argentina. Neither have been anywhere near their best form but are still doing their respective jobs. What if they were to hit form in the next match? Who knows.

And its not as if any of our players never dive.....

17/06/2002, 2:32 PM
Originally posted by gwanyagoodting

I'm only taking the p*ss guys, personally I think Ingerland should be given the Cup now without them having to play all those bloody foreigners....... :p

17/06/2002, 3:04 PM
Yeah didn't mean to say nothing but as you said yourself Beckham & Owen surprisingly not living up to their reputations.

Owen has had virtually no chances & Beckham essentially only on the pitch IMO for his corners & free kicks although I think he was spotted making (well trying anyway) a tackle on saturday. I'm not saying i'd turn them down for the irish team though ;)

If Owen (maybe carrying an injury up til now) hits form England got a very good chance as Itakly may not even make the quarters let alone the semis.

I (sorta) wish england all the best. :eek:

17/06/2002, 3:08 PM
Yeah, I was wishing them all the best but I dont know if I can stomach them going a lot further than us.
I will still try to cheer for England, them being our neighbours and all that. It would have been great if we had come up against them, I reckon we could beat Svens men hands down.