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27/05/2002, 1:26 PM
on RTÉ 6.01 news and later at 8.30pm on RTÉ1

27/05/2002, 4:24 PM
ananova claim hes gonna make an apology

Too good to be true?

Keane interview (http://www.ntlworld.com/partners/ananova/sport/soccer/world_cup_flash-_world_cup-_rep_of_ireland-_english_premier_league-_manchester_united/596423.html)

27/05/2002, 4:38 PM
This puts everyone especially McCarthy in a very different position.

- Can McCarthy forgive Roy (for calling him a c***) & just bring him back & possibly even play him on saturday?
- Can the rest of the squad accept a player back after he implied they're two bit players?
- Can McCarthy risk the threat of other players who say they will leave if Roy returns?

Personally I can't see how it'll change anything as but if they all kiss 'n make up it would be great. The decision would have to be made very quickely & IMO the squad should sit down, watch the interview & make the final decision one way or the other then.

I suppose we don't know what the manager or players saying as it all been edited by the media.

If nothing else should be compulsive viewing tonight.......

RTE (http://streaming2.rte.ie/sport/2002/0527/soccer/keaneroy.html)

btw what does Tommie Gorman know about football?


27/05/2002, 4:56 PM
There's bound to be a little tension if he does rejoin the squad, and you have to wonder just how much the incident will affect the teams performance. But from a fan's point of view, it couldn't be anything other than a positive move for keano to rejoin us.
Fingers crossed......

27/05/2002, 5:07 PM
i have lost all respect for Keane to be honest.

But i guess we will have to see what he has to say before we condem him again. i'd be more confident about the WC if he was in the team to be honest, but at what cost?

someone post what he say asap for all us exiles will ye?

27/05/2002, 6:29 PM
he didnt apologise

Roy Keane says he still wants to play for the Republic of Ireland in the World Cup.

Keane was sent home from the Irish training camp last week after clear-the-air talks with boss Mick McCarthy descended into a "slanging match".

But Keane insists he still wants to play for his country and would welcome a solution to the dispute.

He told Irish television channel RTE: "I want to play for Ireland. It's the biggest thing of all, to play in the World Cup."

Keane added that "maybe there is a way" he could still play in the competition in Japan and South Korea.

And the Manchester United captain said he is aware how the dispute has left a lot of fans angry and frustrated.

Speaking from a hotel in Manchester, he said: "Nobody wanted this. Of course it's hurting me all this - dead right it is."

But the 30-year-old stressed that he does not believe he has done anything wrong.

He said: "My conscience is clear - and that's the most important thing in my life. It really is."

He continued: "I just want people to get behind the team - that's the most important thing.

"My family backed me because I told them what happened - I might be a lot of things but I'm not a liar.

"When I decided to come back I thought that was the end of the matter.

"I didn't want to go through the media, I didn't want to speak to The Mail on Sunday or do this interview.

"But when I got back to London my solicitor said there's an imbalance in the story.

"There was lots of nonsense coming out that wasn't true. I thought: 'I need to speak out'.

"The people of Ireland deserve to know the truth.

"People said I shouldn't have reacted the way I should - but I think I was forced into a corner and there was only way I was going to come out, and that's fighting."

Keane added: "The family were glad to see me. It's good to be home - I'll probably go to Cork for a bit in a few days.

"If there was any doubt in my mind (I would have thought): 'Roy, you were a bit out of order, you should maybe have held back a little bit' but there isn't and I won't accept it. I can't accept it."

He acknowledged McCarthy was always going to be the one in control of things after the dispute.

"Mick was going to be the only winner and I understand that - he's the manager," Keane admitted.

But he added: "I feel I deserved better.

"What happened last week will live with me for a long time. What happened to me was wrong.

"The ball is in a lot of people's courts.

"I saw Mick getting interviewed on Saturday so I'm giving my side of the story."

27/05/2002, 6:38 PM
>>btw what does Tommie Gorman know about football?

he is a mad sligo rovers fan so make of that what you will :D

City Hero
27/05/2002, 8:35 PM
Just finished watching the full interview. It leaves me in no doudt that McCarthy's management skills leave a lot to be desired & are at the root of the whole situation. It seems to me that the only way Keane will play for Ireland again is if McCarthy is sent packing (the sooner the better). Some of the other players have a lot to answer for aswell.

27/05/2002, 8:39 PM
I don't think we'll be seeing much of McCarthy after the summer - he might as well try and get a job out in Japan while he's there, 'cos I can see the FAI giving him the shove if he doesn't do the decent thing himself.

Some of the other players definitely need to take a long hard look at themselves, accusing Roy of not being 'brave' in running to the papers.

It's morning in Japan now, so hopefully the interview will be the sort-of wake-up call needed by one or two people out there :D

The RTÉ World Cup Website (http://www.rte.ie/worldcup/2002/0527/ireland02.html) has the interview for all you exiles

27/05/2002, 8:45 PM
There's no doubt about it- he completely vindicated himself. Its a shame the interviewer was such a lick who had taken it himself to beg Keano to come back, completely disregarding the point keano was trying to make.

And as for him begging Roy to ''set an example to those in the North by burying the hatchet...........

City Hero
27/05/2002, 9:03 PM
A little over an hour has passed since the interview was shown in full and the new aertel polls (http://www.rte.ie/aertel/p606.htm) (page 607 phone in (http://www.rte.ie/aertel/p608.htm) & 609 text (http://www.rte.ie/aertel/p609.htm)) don't leave much doubt which way the public have turned.

The question posed is "Should Mick McCarthy accept Roy Keane back following Roy's interview with back following Roy's interview with RTE on Monday night", & the polls are at 95% & 96% YES respectively.

27/05/2002, 9:29 PM
Cheers for wrecking the World Cup for everyone in Ireland, Roy. Hang your ****!n head.....

27/05/2002, 10:12 PM
I fail to see how that interview changed anything. We saw one side of the story the way Roy Keane saw it i.e. favourable towards him. We could have an interview with Mick McCarthy and we'd get a version thats favourable towards him. In reality the truth is somewhere between the two. Nobody should be so gullible as to completely accept either sides version straight off. The fact that the public are now backing Keane so soon after the interview is irrelevant, people were always going to be swayed by whats freshest in their mind. If McCarthy came out with a similar interview tomorrow the result would probably sway back the other way.

I'm not going to be fooled by any poxy interviews, as far as I'm concerned both McCarthy and Keane are wrong. They both have their faults here and I find it difficult to completely back one over the other the way some people have. We've lost one of our key players because of a combination of stupidity and stubborness. Keane is an idiot for saying what he did and acting like a child, and McCarthy is an idiot for questioning Keane's commitment (if thats true) and letting things get so far out of hand.

By the way, anybody who says "I hope Ireland get hammered after this" or anything like it should be strung up by the balls and horse-whipped. I've heard one or two people say it now and its just the tiniest bit annoying. Any objections?

City Hero
27/05/2002, 10:35 PM
Keane has lost his place in the world cup because of his principles. What benefit does he get by telling untruths in the interview (what else can he lose). I do agree however that all parties are to blame, but if Mick & the FAI had made sure of the arrangements & facilities, this would never have happened. All that Roy could have complained about would be sun burn or insects.

27/05/2002, 10:47 PM
Keane has lost his place in the world cup because of his principles.

Let's be quite clear about this: Keane /says/ that he lost his place in the World Cup because of his principles. As has been pointed out, it's one-sided at the moment. I'll bet my bottom dollar that if McCarthy did an interview tomorrow, half the bloody country would fall back in behind McCarthy (for at least ten minutes).

What benefit does he get by telling untruths in the interview

Saving face? And of course he's been demonised by the percentage of the population who don't believe him. And of course it's been alleged that his family in Cork have received threats. To be honest, I thought he sounded what I'll call "Cork Whiney" in the interview. That defensive, rising-at-the-end tone of voice you hear out of Cork boys when they're wrong, and they know they're wrong.

I don't really care either way though, and I really don't care what happened either. Something childish obviously happened, but whether it was Keane or McCarthy doesn't really matter at this stage, because now they're /all/ being childish. It's time for the whole lot of them to swallow their pride and try and get along for the sake of the game and the people that support them.


City Hero
27/05/2002, 10:55 PM
A bit of common sense with a touch of humble pie would hit the spot now, but unfortunately i think the chef's special is sushi & sachi.

28/05/2002, 7:19 AM
In the interview, RK said:
1) He went to McCarthy in his room and spoke privately to him about the facilities.
2) A lot of players spoke to RK and complained about the same facilities.

3) McCarthy accused RK of faking injuries in front of the whole squad when McCarthy knew this to be a lie.

The response so far from McCarthy to this has been to tell reporters that "My phone has not been switched off, he knows where I am but I haven't heard from him". He has not said that anything RK said is wrong or a lie.
This is the same character who said "RK is history" "He'll never play in my team again", yet somehow RK is supposed to phone McCarthy up for a chat, and ignore the lies and humiliation he (RK) was put through.

After training, the "squad" released a statement saying, in so many words, they "did not want RK back".

This is the same bunch of players who had NOTHING TO SAY when RK was in the same room as them. Cowards talk behind your back, not to your face. BTW, should the players be speaking to the press on their own? Because the captain, RK, was not allowed to.

RK was shafted by a bunch of players who are on a paid holiday.

As for RK having an interview, McCarthy has had his mouthpiece, Dervan, pumping out his spin on the story from the very start, so anybody criticising RK for giving an interview is simply talking sh*t.
Where did the details of a privte meeting come from. According to David Walsh of the Sunday Times, he spoke to 2 players and 3 officials and the reported "English c*nt" insult was never said at all.

And can anyone explain to me why RK "has shamed us", "should hang his head in shame" ??

This is a sh*t situation for us to be in, and RK has to take some blame, but McCarthy, the man with the authority that is so important to him, is the main culprit here. Sack the w*nker as soon as they get back from their jaunt..... :mad:

29/05/2002, 2:23 PM
Originally posted by Neil
Cheers for wrecking the World Cup for everyone in Ireland, Roy. Hang your ****!n head.....

29/05/2002, 2:24 PM
Originally posted by pete
- Can McCarthy forgive Roy (for calling him a c***) & just bring him back & possibly even play him on saturday?
- Can the rest of the squad accept a player back after he implied they're two bit players?
- Can McCarthy risk the threat of other players who say they will leave if Roy returns?
So to hell with Keane, he brought it on himself, I have no sympathy for him at all.