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21/06/2001, 2:58 PM
I think this is the team Gunther will put out.....

Carey, Coughlan, Daly, Horgan
Johnny C, Patsy, Bucks, Ollie
Mulligan, Hartigan
Subs: Mooney, Napier, Bennet, Herrick, O'Brien, O'Grady/O'Flynn, Morely.

Means O'Rourke, O'Flynn or O'Grady & Welsh all miss out?

The inclusion of Hartigan is based on the belief that last week he took so long to replace him despite being a goal down.

I could say i'd play O'Flynn or even Welsh instead of Noel but have never seen them play so can't really comment on their abilities.....

BTW IMO we have potentially one of the strongest list of City subs i've seen for years! Most of them could slot into the team without any worries.

21/06/2001, 6:42 PM
Alan Bennett could make a dramatic European debut in Latvia this weekend. The club's reserve team Player Of The Year who played in the Munster Senior Cup final win over College Corinthians a month ago is on standby now for City's Intertoto Cup return with Liepajas Metalurgs on Saturday evening.

Liam Murphy will Patsy Freyne a late fitness test at tonight's training spin before making up his mind up on the composition of his team that head off to the Baltics tomorrow a goal down from the first leg. Freyne aggrevated a groin strain after an hour's play at Turner's Cross and has no more than a 50/50 chance of making it.

He was replaced by Bennett who came close to an equaliser five minutes from the end. Bennett's downward header bounced up and over with Latvian keeper Viktors Spole in no man's land.

"Our team selection will be a late decision because I want to get a look at their grounds when we train there and I need to get an idea of the size of it," said Murphy.

But if Freyne is ruled out then Bennett is the man to fill his boots in Latvia.

Full-back Neal Horgan is another minor doubt with blistered feet.

Source: Noel Spillane / The Evening Echo.

rebel yell
21/06/2001, 6:44 PM
Freyne should be dropped down a mineshaft. I wonder will Gunther play 4-4-2 away? Didn't he play 4-5-1 at home? Am I
the only one to find this Bizarre?

21/06/2001, 7:21 PM
Am I the only one to find this Bizarre?
No, I think it shows 2 things:
1. The lack of preperation the City management did for the first-leg (although admitedly it must have been difficult to find much videos of them play). Still I wouldn't be surprised if the City boys did nothing at all.

2. The lack of confidence Gunther has in his players ability. Hence, his unsuitability for the job. Playing the likes of Hartigan, Caulfield, Daly and Freyne is laughable but it depressingly highlights what we have to look forward to in the season ahead. He does not have the conviction or the sence to get rid of these donkeys and replace them with obviously gifted young players like O'Rourke, Tynan, Bennett and Mulligan or O'Flynn.

21/06/2001, 11:12 PM
Here's the team I'd put out, a team that I doubt we'll ever see with the Judas boys in charge....

2.Carey 4.O'Rourke 5.Napier 3.Horgan
11.Buckley 6.Bennett 8.Herrick 7.Cahill
9.O'Flynn 10.Morley

A face
22/06/2001, 1:04 AM
City gave far too much respect all together, 4-4-2 and stuff 'em, Bennet was good though, i would like to see him there, but with a full game it could be different, the back four were fine i thought, Herrick was OK, Kelvin should be around for it though, does anyone know this yet, take Hartigan off, soyry like, but he is a mess, has good qualities, but we dont need someone to hang curtains, we need goals, go for a 2 nil defeat.

22/06/2001, 1:34 AM
has good qualities, but we dont need someone to hang curtains
:D I like it! It's true though. And if Gunther had a say, he'd only have one up!