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24/05/2002, 7:03 PM
This is now the forum used by RamblersWeb, hosted at www.foot.ie - the previous Network54 forum will remain available for read only archiving.

Foot.ie forums can be browsed by all without membership.

You must however SIGN UP (http://forums.foot.ie/register.php?action=signup) in order to post messages. Signing up is FREE.

Additional features include:

- Private Messaging
- Buddy List
- When logging in you are notified of any responses to your posts.
- In addition to the Ramblers forum, there are forums on the eircom league, U21 league, world cup, and each individual club etc.



24/05/2002, 7:21 PM
nice one Glen,
good to see ye make the switch, hope you enjoy the banter here and good luck next season.. ( but not too much cause you support ramblers of course ;) )

24/05/2002, 7:26 PM
Good stuff Glen, and welcome aboard to the Cobh fans.


27/05/2002, 11:11 AM
Originally posted by Vetinari
Good stuff Glen, and welcome aboard to the Cobh fans.

Getting close to world (well irish anyway) football forum domination..........?