View Full Version : Mahon Admits McNally Interest

20/06/2001, 5:29 PM
Pete Mahon, the new Bohemian FC manager admitted that he had an interest in Longford Town's Paul McNally as he chatted with fans last night live on soccercentral.
He was asked by Luke O'Riordan if "there were rumours about you chasing Paul McNally, is this true? to which Pete replied; " I spoke with Stepehen Kenny the Longford Town manager last week and he said Paul McNally was not for sale, thats the end of that."
He added; "People forget that I had Paul McNally playing for St Francis as a 16 yr old in the Leinster Senior League and he's one of the players outside of Bohs along with Bray's Colm Tresson and Rovers' Tony Grant that I admire in the eircom League."
Pete spent 90 minutes online interacting with fans and told them, " that as soon as I've has settled into the job I'll be in a better position to answer all their questions", when asked if he would attend a face to face meeting with Bohs supporters.

20/06/2001, 7:06 PM
Yeah, i was in the chatroom when he spoke of wanting Macker!! And he was quick to reply that he had an interest but was told by Kenny he WAS NOT for sale.

Pauro 76
21/06/2001, 9:34 AM
Well done SK, hands off Macker Bohs!