View Full Version : Pre season Tournament?

Blue Man
07/01/2006, 2:55 PM
Any truth in the rumours that a pre season tournament is in the pipeline involving Dublin City, Bohs, Drogheda, Shels, Rovers, UCD, Pats and Bray. Its just that i heard it some time ago and was wondering did anyone else hear of it

pineapple stu
07/01/2006, 7:29 PM
There was a similar tournament last year - a Shield tournament involving UCD, Pat's, Sligo, Cork, Shels, Bray and Dundalk. I think it ended unfinished after Cork never played their last two games. Not that it really mattered - just a case of getting some match practice as the U-21s season starts very late. Haven't heard of anything for this season, but quite possible alright.