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14/05/2002, 1:39 PM
Waterford’s Gary Dempsey has joined SPL side Dunfermline on a three-year deal after being recommended to Pars boss Jimmy Calderwood by Ireland Under-21 manager Don Givens.

A fee has yet to be agreed with Waterford for the 25-year-old Wexford-born lad.

[sports.com] (http://irelandlive.sports.com/football/news/2002/05/14/sIRL01MTAyMTM3NDgzODM.html)

14/05/2002, 2:03 PM
The fee will probably be €10 and a box of Mars Bars for the club shop. Then 10 days later Dunfermline will sell him to Celtic for £500,000 because of the Old Firm policy of buying any half-decent player any of the other Scottish clubs have. Waterford will receive a second box of Mars Bars as part of the sell-on clause they wisely inserted in the deal.

How would Don Givens know that Dempsey was any good? He doesn't give a damn about locally based players because the english-based ones are obviously far better, as their astonishing results over in Toulon have proven. For gods sake, what division are Dunfermline in? I know Waterford are in the First but whats the point if the best players are going to leave to go to the likes of Dunfermline or Carlisle or even Doncaster Rovers. And some of these are the players that came back from the scrap-heap in Britain at 17 or whatever, and now they're going back again. Does this league have any future unless the FAI actually begin to give a toss?

14/05/2002, 3:18 PM
I may be wrong but didn't a sorta eL u-21 selection play the irish full international is a short training match a couple of months ago.

Still strange to see the irish manager advising a particular foreign club of good cheap ltalent on the old sod. Almost as bad as those english managers who come over to the eL only to advise their buddies back home of players going cheap at their current eL club.


Ignoring previous "transfers" from the eL what do people think Dempsey is worth realistically?

I'm guessing Dunfermline are scottish 1st division? I'd assume thats about eL Premier/english 2nd division standard?

17/05/2002, 2:08 PM
Apparently Waterford are looking for £60k sterling for Dempsey. Heard something about Dunfermline offering £40k but can't confirm that. Hopefully they can put in some meaningful clauses into the contract i.e. more money after x appearances plus a 10% sell-on fee. The chances of that though are slim.

In fairness stg£60k (if they get it) is about say £80k in old punts which compares favourably with past transfers out of the EL, particularly as Dempsey is a 1st division player. If they got that much with a sell-on clause I wouldn't be too disappointed. Its still not enough, but its a step in the right direction.

17/05/2002, 3:13 PM
60k is pennies for Dunfirmline even if they 1st division scotland 9i think). Its not good to compare with previous eL transfers as can't remember one player being sold for anything approaching their worth.

Sure if Dempsey scored 1 cup goal for Dunfirmline he'd pay for his transfer straight away.

What would 40-60k do for Waterford?

17/05/2002, 3:47 PM
80kSTG.... We still have to stop this feeder league sh!te....... We need to get players on longer contracts....