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13/05/2002, 11:24 AM
Seems to have been a few shows on (WC on the way?) this recently but anyone see the BBC 2 documentary Hooligans, Sundays 9pm (http://www.bbc.co.uk/cgi-perl/whatson/prog_parse.cgi?FILENAME=20020519/20020519_2100_4224_23800_60) last night?

The things shown on that show last night doesn't seem to be reported by the media much anymore. I know Milwall has a bad reputation but looked like a scarey place to me.

Given the guards ineptitude in the recent past with dealing with hooligans or even protesters have euro 2008 games in Dublin would be a disaster.

14/05/2002, 2:35 PM
Yeah, I saw the documentary. None of what was shown was reported in the media. I had begun to think that these scenes were a thing of the past but it seems that it still goes on, only that instead of on the terraces the violence occurs on the surrounding streets and in local pubs.

14/05/2002, 3:00 PM
Well i was in Cardiff last nite for the FAW Premier Cup final between Cardiff and Swansea and if peoplethink hooliganism is dead they should have seen the violence on the streets afterwards. I didnt think i'd get home alive! Got up there for free though! thanx Sam Hamman!

See here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport/hi/english/football/teams/s/swansea_city/newsid_1985000/1985766.stm)

14/05/2002, 3:03 PM
There is a cool site about those programmes here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/static/in_depth/programmes/2002/hooligans/)

14/05/2002, 3:09 PM
The next show on the 19th........

"The programme shows how one hooligan group helped stir up the recent Oldham race riots and how another, the Cardiff City Soul Crew -one of the biggest and most notorious in Britain - has become involved with the club's high-profile owner, Sam Hammam"

"13 May 2002
Cardiff City v Swansea City
Rival fans threw bricks and bottles at each other after trouble flared at the end of the FAW Cup final at Ninian Park. Riot police and mounted officers were used to keep groups of fans apart.

Several supporters tore down dividing fences in a bid to get at each other but were eventually forced back to their coaches by police. One police officer was taken to hospital with a shoulder injury.

South Wales Police had arrested 34 people before the game in an operation aimed at preventing trouble"

Nuts.......i reallt thought i was gonna get a hiding! they were kicking the **** out of police horses and everything

14/05/2002, 3:34 PM
Even before seeing the programme teams such as Milwall, Sawnsea & Cardiff have had a bad reputation for fights & usually make the news a couple of times a year.

I'd say the undercover reporter must have been really crapping himself when the police tried to search him with hooigans in full view.

I'd guess the only thing controlling the violence in the UK is huge police resources targetted at & a lot stricter civil liberty laws than most of europe.

Eventhough its expensive to travel to japan i suspect there be some if not much trouble over there but the officials with be keen to downplay & the media will look to hype it up.

29/05/2002, 4:18 PM
reported on anymore. after man utd were knocked out of the campions league recently (by leverkusen, in germany,i think) there was a lot of trouble. there was no mention of it in either the british or the irish media. i just happened to see it on euronews. at the playoffs in cardiff police were battling with hundreds of birmingham fans for hours. again very little mention. as mentioned above cardiff have been involved in a good few "incidents" this season. it still goes on, its not as bad but its just not as highlighted any more. i suppse they'll wait till someone gets killed before they start taking action again. :mad:

29/05/2002, 6:11 PM
was actually talking about this the other night - can't remember who with though:D

i think we came to the conclusion that it's still happening, in britain anyway, but isn't being reported in the media, possibly because it's happening in the lower divisions (cheaper to get tickets than the top division) which get less exposure anyway

30/05/2002, 10:08 AM
If anything it seems the British government/police are putting massive resources into keeping the hooligan problem at bay.

The BBC documentary seemed to be saying the laws appear to be more restrictive in the UK compared to mainland europe hench the inability of the other european police forces to contain it.

Hooliganism seems to mirror social problems in various countries.

30/05/2002, 12:59 PM
Did any of ye see sundays episode? It was about Lazio and Boca Juniors.
You should see how much power these guys have, they can demand meetings with the players their leader is allowed to go down pitchside.
A lot of the Boca hooligans are buddies with Maradona.
They seem to be a lot more organised and more political than in Britain.