View Full Version : The beatles are overrated!

19/06/2001, 8:22 PM
eh eh, moderator are you going moderate me or do you agree.

The Good Son
20/06/2001, 7:16 AM
All they are is another Oasis rip off band.

20/06/2001, 9:38 AM
That and the greatest band in history- well maybe level with the Wolfe Tones!:D

20/06/2001, 10:33 AM
Best bands......
Mid 60's The Small Faces
Late 60's early 70's The Rolling Stones
Mid 70's The Ramones
Late 70's Early 80's The Clash (honourable mention to The Undertones)
Mid 80's The Smiths
Late 80's early 90's The Stone Roses
Mid 90's Oasis (first album)/ The Charlatans
Late 90's early 00's Beck (honorable mention to the Beta's)

20/06/2001, 10:43 AM
ok was going to let this slid b4 i head for latvia but no.

What about REM, surely one if not the greatest band of the last 15 years, right back to the days of Murmur and Reckoning, Document ( great album) Life's Rich Pagent ( deadly) ...etc etc as well as all the more recent ones..I mean New Adventures was another great album. Consistently they have produced and not just a once off like Oasis which admitedly was a good debut album.

Macy cant think properly now...jugling too many other things ( have i got my passport, currency etc etc ) but what about a list ala Nick hornby of top 10's like we had on JW's a month ago, that was a great thread.

you could have..
the perfect album
top 10 of Track 1's
top 10 or 5 gigs in Ireland etc etc

I dunno something anyway to pass away the days @ work rather then dreaming up transfer rumours...

BTW did you hear Robbie Brunton has signed for Longford....No you didnt..I didnt think so!!:D :D

The Good Son
20/06/2001, 11:31 AM
Macy, did you go to The Beta's in Dublin if so what were they like.
The Cork show started slowly but was class once it got going.

20/06/2001, 11:50 AM
Was at the Beta's in the Red Box, along with tallaghtsaint and JC. Again a fairly slow starter, but that was cos it was all new songs. Pity the film projector broke, cos the first film sequence was excellent.