View Full Version : Ravenelli wants to join Celtic.

05/05/2002, 5:50 PM
I was watching Sky Sports News this morning and they said that Ravenelli has stated his desire to join Celtic.
He was quoted as saying "I have spoken to my good friend Paulo Di Canio who enjoyed his time at Celtic.
Ravenelli was also impressed by the clubs huge support base and state of the art stadium

IMO, Celtic wont be interested and even if they were I doubt they could afford his ages of about £60000 a week.

06/05/2002, 11:45 AM
New chant for all the Celtic heads "Who needs Ravanelli when we have Johnny Hartson/Chris Sutton" Shows ya JUST how good the scottish league is:rolleyes: Celtic should sign him, unless they're content to just win a few scottish trophies every year.

07/05/2002, 3:13 PM
I agree, he would be a good buy. However id say that funds are fairly tight at Parkhead at present, with the lack of a tv deal and all that so even if they got him on a free transfer his wages would be too much.

07/05/2002, 4:12 PM
Celtic don't need another striker, especially in light of the recent performances of Maloney and Lynch. He certainly won't add anything to the squad. And will Martin O'Neill really sign a player who, according to John Gregory, is in it for the money and nothing else?