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20/04/2002, 1:25 PM
Glad to see our old friend up to his usual tricks. Steffen Effenberg has been dropped from Bayerns squad for their next league match after saying that unemployed people were "lazy." Apparently, that didn't rest easy with the "social reponsibility" his manger believes he should have!

21/04/2002, 8:09 PM
I heard about the font page of the Bild i think..............i wonder what the 1 finger message was.....


City Fan
23/04/2002, 11:12 AM
Why doesn't that surprise me? Effenbergs BIG mouth has gotten him into trouble so many times that it would be a full-time job trying to keep count!You wouldn't mind, but he's a class act when he wants to be (which isn't nearly often enough!). Still though, at least Dave Barry got one over on him!!

Murphy Out Now!!

23/04/2002, 12:25 PM
Apparently he's on his way to Man City. I thought it was just Brit tabloid rumours, but they're saying it over here too.

City Fan
24/04/2002, 10:39 AM
Man. City now is it? Last I heard the loud-mouth ***** was on his way to mighty Fulham! Who next, Carlisle?

Murphy Out Now!!

25/04/2002, 11:18 AM
According to this morning's Aertel he's on his way to Maine Road when his current contract with Bayern ends, I think it's either June 1st orJuly 1st

25/04/2002, 12:12 PM
What odds his agent just told him Manchester were looking to sign him and the stupid git thinks he is going to M U :D :D

25/04/2002, 1:57 PM
from football365.com (http://football365.com) [p]

City Pull Out Of Effenberg Chase

Burton Leaves Wimbledon

Stefan Effenberg's move to Manchester City has hit a snag over his wage demands.

City are refusing to comment on the progress of the deal.

But it is understood Effenberg, who is available on a free transfer from Bayern Munich, wants around £60,000-a-week.

This is more than double what the current top earner at Maine Road takes home each week.

City were expected to discuss Effenberg at a board meeting and are still hopeful that they can agree terms on a two-year deal with the 33-year-old.

However, the First Division champions now fear the odds have shifted against Effenberg moving to Maine Road.

Effenberg, who is also wanted by Galatasaray, has been one of Kevin Keegan's prime transfer targets for some time and he has said he would like to have two major signings in place before the World Cup.

But Keegan has also said he will not be rushed into any deals.

He claims he will still have plenty of time after the World Cup to sign players.

25/04/2002, 2:50 PM
Originally posted by Ruairi
This is more than double what the current top earner at Maine Road takes home each week.

Is it any wonder english clubs outside the Premiership are in financial trouble when a 1st division club (admittadly on way back to Premiership) are paying 30k a week.