View Full Version : Hopes/Expectations for the new season

09/02/2024, 9:40 AM
I won't be quite as bullish as legendz's approximation of 36 points, but 30 seems a realistic target for the year, given the signings made over the close season, and the progress that already appears to have been on the pitch in the Munster Senior Cup displays. The first priority has to be making Mounthawk Park an awkward venue for visiting teams, both in terms of putting points on the board, which in turn feeds into attendances and generating atmosphere. More generally, the major hope has to be that we can be somewhat more prolific over the course of the campaign - the defensive errors certainly appear to have been addressed, and the style of play remains positive, so it just remains for the forwards to feed off the service. Finally, it should always be a priority to have 2-3 youth players challenging for game time within a squad, so will be interesting to see if Oisín Breen, for instance, gets an opportunity before the season ends.

09/02/2024, 4:18 PM
Sorry to go on like a broken record. From the June Bank Holiday weekend last year there was a big improvement in performances. It was frustrating to be in so many games and get nothing in return. They'll have to eek out points in games like that this year and keep the points total ticking over. The August Bank Holiday weekend was Kerry's moment to gain some momentum but disappointingly let two goal leads slip.
The coaching staff knew that they had to bulk up defensively. It seems Spain is bringing that leadership that is required. If the defensive improvement is there and the strikers in total can get 40 goals or so, 36 points should be attainable. I'm not sure what to expect from UCD. I expect our opening night opponents to the the runaway winners. I'd be hopeful we can compete with the rest of the division to a level we are picking up points more often than not.