View Full Version : whats the story with avery john?

16/04/2002, 7:48 AM
why wasnt the fella playing in the cup final or have i just missed the point here?
whats he up ta?

16/04/2002, 8:18 AM
He's injured (I think).... I think he's also out of contract .. and with the rumoured signing of Paul McNally he maybe outta there

16/04/2002, 9:03 AM
Yup rumpur Kenny not resigning him as needs to cut down squad from 25 to 18 fulltime players.

16/04/2002, 9:10 AM
Avery didn't feature regularly up to the final, he has been carrying an injury but he doesn't seem to be featuring in Kennys plans for the "new dawn". A lot has been made of the fact that Johns got himself a new agent who seems to filling him with visions of grandeur which Stephen really doesn't appreciate...

16/04/2002, 9:14 AM
I can appreciate stephen or any manager for that matter not negotiating with agents, They should be able to have a pfai representitive at negotiations, but agents are bad news which could lead to players being very difficult to deal with

16/04/2002, 2:52 PM
True, I dont really think that the league is ready for the dawn of the agent yet. However, its going to be a fact of life pretty soon, as clubs can afford to pay pro wages to increasing numbers of players. I suppose its something that clubs and managers will just have to get used to whether they like it or not.