View Full Version : World Cup qualification

29/07/2005, 1:56 PM
I was just having a look through the world cup qualification groups. There's gonna be some major surprises.

Europe is still a bit of a lottery coz lots of groups are close (like Irelands).

In North America USA, Mexico and Costa Rico look certainly there. the fourth place team will playoff against an asian team. That's pretty close at the mo with Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago and Panama all within 2 points.

Whichever of those 3 gets 4th place plays a 3rd place team in Asia. That could be Kuwait, Uzbekistan, or Bahrain.

Already qualified from Asia are South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Iran

South America is the closest. Argentian and Brazil are qualified, and then it's two from Equador, Paraguay, Colombia, and Chilie, with a third from that group playing off against Australia or the Solomon Islands.

Africa is mental altogether. At the moment Toga, Ghana, Ivory Coast Angolo and Morocco are leading the groups. Angolo and Ivory Coast have easy last games so if they win them then there'll be no Nigeria or Cameroon. South Africa need Ghana to slip up against Cape Verde Islands.

29/07/2005, 5:00 PM
The more minnows, the more I like it !! Up the Angola's and Uzbekistans ! I would be very pleased to see a new country appear rather than once again same old Cameroon and Nigeria.