View Full Version : PAT-s should take the punishment

24/03/2002, 10:50 PM
I beleive that Pat Dolan and co at Richmond Park tried to pull a cheeky move over the League and with Dooney. With the league being such fools as they are, they thought they would get away with it and to be honest they deserve their deductions, in fact they got of lightly. Any other team in the world would of been severely punished for the Marney saga. Yet people in Ireland beleived it was an unfortunate mistake and they should get away with it! wake up! To me, witnessing the second affair has proved Pats made no mistake but were caught with there knickers down by there ankles. They have consistenly lied about the Marney case saying it was false, and they were inicent. On the grounds of lieing alone, they should be punished. If a club like Limerick who lie at the foot of the first division played two unregistered players, what treatment would they receive?I also think Dooney has handled this unbeleiveably bad. I mean he knew about it since septemper!!what a fool.