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20/03/2002, 11:24 AM
FROM mmm.eircom.ie:

Waterford DOCKED points?
The eircom League was thrown into further turmoil with the possibility of legal action from Waterford United over the decision to dock three points becaudse of the Noel Hunt registration problem.

Waterford United have been docked three points under Rule 16 by the eircom League Protest Committee for playing Noel Hunt in the defeat of Dublin City.

Rossa McDermott, Executive Director of Waterford United told us; "We have learned unofficially of the result of Dublin City's protest. This only heightens our concerns as to the manner of the League's administration. We maintain our original position of 25 January that we had the Leagues permission to use Noel Hunt.

That position was that they had been given permission by the League to take the player back on loan from Shamrock Rovers after he had returned to his club for one eircom League cup game against Longford Town.

At the time of Hunt’s return to the Blues, managing director Ger O’Brien said: “The news from Rovers this evening about Noel Hunt has been a great bonus.”

“The ruling last Wednesday suggested he would not be able to come back to us following his recall for their League cup match on Wednesday. Thankfully, things became clearer this afternoon.”

The League has issued the following statement; "As a result of a protest made by Dublin City FC on March 6th against Waterford United and player Noel Hunt, the eircom League set up a Protest Committee at its Board of Control Meeting on March 11th.

The Protest Committee met in 80 Merrion Square on Tuesday 19th March. The Chairman was Eddie Murray and the other members were Brendan Dillon, Jim Murphy, Gerry Cuffe and Donald Keogh.

Having considered the evidence, including documentary evidence from the interested parties, the Committee has decided that Noel Hunt was not a registered player for Waterford United on the 4th March 2002 and the Committee has decided, in accordance with the terms of Rule 34, to deduct three points from Waterford United in respect of the game against Dublin City Football Club.

In considering if any further action was necessary the Committee had regard to the provision of Rule 16A governing the registration of players and the penalties for breach of same and decided not to take any further action."

20/03/2002, 11:50 AM
Why do we bother eh?

Why would anyone support or sponsor this "league"?

Can anyone recommend some foreign team to support?

20/03/2002, 11:51 AM
I'm checkin out the league of wales or the Smirnoff league in the 6 counties. Both appear to be relativley well run and stable. Also hear the Afghan league is ok :rolleyes:

21/03/2002, 11:24 AM
look at this for crap dublin city are looking for the points themselves
Dublin City are to appeal the decision of the eircom league protest Committee's decision to deduct three points from Waterford in the "Noel Hunt Affair".

The Vikings believe that the committee erred in its judgement and are now appealing to the FAI using rule 27 of the FAI Rulebook.

Ronan Seery, Chief Execuitve said: "Our original protest was not against Waterford United yet they have been punished, we sought at the time for the game to be replayed in the spirit of football as we believed that the League had no authority to allow Noel Hunt return to Waterford."

"If Waterford were deducted three points why were we not given them, there is nothing in the rulebook that states we shouldn't get them".

"Our original protest was based on Rule 17 of the eircom League but the Protest Committee ruled on Rule 16 with reference to Rule 34," he added.

It is expected that the Vikings appeal to the FAI will be heard swiftly in view of the closeness of the culmination of the season. from soccercentral (http://www.soccercentral.ie/viewstory.asp?mainheading=Eircom&id=6652&viewstory=yes)

21/03/2002, 1:59 PM
they are a shower of pr!cks. $h€l$ in disguise or what?! dublin sh!tty can take their cr@ppy little ground, 2 fans,gloryhunting board and team of mercenaries and go for a long swim to sellafield. :mad:

04/04/2002, 4:30 PM
maybe there should be a ptas-v-wat utd. playoff:D :eek: