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Lim till i die
02/03/2021, 12:35 PM
Hoping someone with more info from Junior Football will fill in the gaps below?

William Armshaw - Ex Limerick u-19s, know nothing after that

Joe Collins - Junior football in Galway? CM? Know nothing after that

Joel Coustrain - Ex Shamrock Rovers. CM? Winger?

Shane Cusack - Ex Limerick FC, Athlone Town, Newmarket? GK

Aaron Fitzgerald - Ex Limerick FC. CM?

Charlie Fleming - Ex Cobh, Cork City. RB

Adam Foley - Ex Limerick FC. Striker

Dean George - Ex Athlone Town. Striker

Sean Patrick Guerins - Ex St. Michaels? All I know

Kieran Hanlon - Ex Limerick FC. Striker

Matthew Keane - ???

Shane Lowth - Ex Limerick U-19s. CB

Marc Ludden - Ex Galway United. LB

Jack Lynch - Ex Galway United. RB\CB

Kieran Mahony - ???

Edward McCarthy - ???

Matthew McKevitt - ???

Callum McNamara - ???

Sean McSweeney - Ex Limerick FC. CAM? Winger?

Conor Melody - Ex Galway United. Winger?

Alan Murphy - Ex Limerick FC. LB? CM?

Clyde O'Connell - Ex Limerick FC. CB/CM

Anthony O'Donnell - Ex Cobh Ramblers and Limerick FC. LB

Edmond O'Dwyer - Ex Limerick FC. CB? CM?

Tadhg Ryan - Ex Galway United. Ex Waterford United. GK

Mark Walsh - Ex Waterford United. Winger?

02/03/2021, 5:04 PM
LTID, get yourself a trendy Treaty United avatar there, join the club, doubling its present membership in doing so.

Keane is Killarney Celtic - defensive mid- interviewed here : https://www.radiokerry.ie/2-kerry-soccer-players-transferred-treaty-united-coming-season/

Kieran O'Mahony is Newmarket top scored the CDSL 2019 - https://www.clareecho.ie/five-clare-men-sign-with-treaty-utd/

Callum McNamara - Newmarket also. bit about him on the above link

McCarthy & McKevitt are midfielders I think. McCarthy played U19s with Cork

Martinho II
02/03/2021, 7:31 PM
Great to see ye back and best wishes for new season. It will weird seeing ye play in red. Will this be a permanent colour I wonder? Mind you I thought the same about Cork City when they changed theirs and now I am used to it! Yeah Joey Coustrain is ex Shamrock Rovers lads!

1691 United
10/03/2021, 7:19 AM
Any word on merchandise, new jersey etc? Looked at umbro.ie and still no Treat Utd section, bit soon I suppose. Looking forward to getting my hands on some new gear!