View Full Version : Carew Win Nothing

19/06/2005, 12:26 PM
any views on the above ,well they were so concerned with pike losing it was bound to happen,feel sorry for the likes of gordon and koyce but for the rest of them no sympathy watsoever,i was in shannon this morning and they were poor to say the least ,

19/06/2005, 2:10 PM
i shall b signing off 2day as i will be starting new employment 2moro,hopefully i can get back as soon as i settle into new job ,by the way those of u wandering who i was ,well i work in dell and am attached to no club but do go to alot of the pike matches ,now u should know who i am,and for the record i never drink in rashers but am known to drink in the wheel now and then
astalavista baby

ps i was going to ask the carew lads in shannon this morning what they are doing with there jackets