View Full Version : Pmoran.........

16/06/2001, 9:26 PM
i heard that padraig was on the way to ye lot . .......
hes a good striker if ya play him up front unlike TC.....
i suppose he deserves the chance to play under a manager who isnt a joke and an embarrasment:(

17/06/2001, 6:26 PM
Macy & Sir Rantalot, take note of what gustavo is saying;)

17/06/2001, 6:35 PM
Macy, your sources didn't know about the above player:D

18/06/2001, 10:38 AM
I head about the Moran rumours ages ago - it was basically the first player we were linked too! It was even in the Star the week after the Cup Final. I don't mind getting stick for speculating, but to say I never saw Moran coming is a bit wide of the mark. You can check with sorbo to see how early the text messages were flying over that gossip......:rolleyes:

20/06/2001, 12:19 AM
Have to say that the man speaks the truth. Got the Moran message aprox... 5 weeks ago.