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Mad Moose
03/05/2005, 8:32 AM
No one mentioned the 500 Club...

Since you have done though I can tell you that things have improved vastly on the 500 Club front and the membership is well on its' way to reaching the 500 target!

You weren't at the Rovers game, there was no sectarian chanting at the game. How dare you make such an allegation. Back it up, gone fire away..

There was a player booed by the singing crew - Mc Court. Booed for the craic 'cus he's a Derry man.

Hope you enjoy your time supporting Sligo!

Aye your having a laugh. Typical politician's response. Well on the way meaning absolutely nothing. Since you ask me to back up my claim here goes. I have the entire thread from finnharps.com before the sectarian references were carefully removed. The player in question was Lee Feeney. I think your familar with the content of the thread. My point was and still is regardless of whether its one person or 100 people there is no excuse for introducing sectarianism to the terraces. As for your lame excuse of booing Paddy McCourt. Pathetic. Whats so wrong with been from Derry, why boo him.He plays for Rovers and a good player at that. Will you be booing Felix because he's from Derry. Nah didn't think so.

Harpskid I haven't started yet. As for the reference to supporting Sligo. I'm currently putting together my thoughts on the game.My heart as you well know is with underage football.


03/05/2005, 9:01 AM

Can I point out that this individual is on a one man vandetta against Finn Harps Football Club,and most if not all of his comments are to be taken with a lorry load of salt! ;)
I would also suggest to other Harps people on here,that it may be best to ignore any futher post by this person! :rolleyes:

Mad Moose
03/05/2005, 9:27 AM


The word your looking for Seamus is 'Vendetta'. If you wish to call it so.


03/05/2005, 12:14 PM
I would also suggest to other Harps people on here,that it may be best to ignore any futher post by this person! :rolleyes:

Good call Seamus. We have more important things to worry about than someone from Mayo with a bitterness towards our great club.

Oh and for the record, the 500 Club has actually increased by nearly 100 since the tail-end of last season.

Thank you for your concern.

Oh and since you're into spelling corrections, that would be "you're looking for" as opposed to "your looking for" :p