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18/02/2002, 3:39 PM
I've just read in a IL football forum that the Irish Premier League will be split in two after each team has played each other three times. The top six will play each other and the bottom six will play each other.... Same as in Scotland... Would this be alternative for the eL, for the sake of change of course??

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18/02/2002, 4:15 PM
Maybe its got something to do with moving from the 10 to 12 team division but the previous experiement in the LOI (as it was then) was idiotic & unsurprisingly was removed immeadiately.

The problem with it was something like this. Monaghan i think scraped into the top 6 but didn't pick up many points from last round of games. Bohs or Pats (some biggish team anyway) just missed out on the top 6 & proceeded to get a lot of wins. End result was the team in 7th place with more points than 6th place.

Other problems with are things like when a very tight middle of the table mean teams with a chance of europe can get stuck in bottom half so far ahead of relegation that have nothing to compete for.

Its a bad idea for any league & for a scary second i though it was referring to the eL :eek: