View Full Version : Devlins Management

08/02/2002, 4:38 PM
Pat Devlin is without doubt a good manager but I think his comments in today's papers ahead of the Cup Q/F with Bohs are a bit 'sad'. Devlin states that he would have beaten Bohemians in their last two meetings this season only for Bad Luck and Bad Refereeing. Does this mean that a team like Man Utd only win the League every season due to Good Luck and Good Refereeing? Hardly! Of course teams may Lose or draw a few times every Season but they also get wins they don't deserve. If a team is good enough they'll prove it by finishing top of the League.

13/02/2002, 10:14 AM
To be fair most of what comes out of Pat Devlins gob is generally sad, he really does seem to be bitter about the last two cup defeats, anyone else would just pick themselves up and get on with it. You should of seen him when Bray beat Bohs 3-1 last year, you'd think he'd won the FAI Cup, the European Cup and the Grand National all at once, he ran around like a lunatic whilst managing to avoid shaking hands with Roddy Collins. He's had 3 years in a row now to put one over Bohs in the cup and has failed each time. I wonder what his excuses will be for last nights humiliation?
I'm sure that if there were any Bray fans out there they could tell me something different though...