View Full Version : Atmosphere Etc.

04/03/2005, 2:35 PM
With the kick off of the new season almost upon us, it is not only Felix Healy and the playing staff who should be in preparation for the new season.

We, as supporters of the club, will have a huge role to play next year and I would like to see us continue in our efforts of noise and colour that were such a spectacle in the last couple of seasons for the big games we’ve had.

This year, with the likes of Derry, Cork, Shamrock Rovers and the rest all coming to Finn Park with their big crowds, we will have rivals on the terraces once again and it is our job to ensure that we are not outdone on our own patch.

I would like to see us turn Finn Park into our little fortress, a place that teams fear travelling to. We should attempt to make it as intimidating as possible for visiting players as the home games will be crucial for us this year and we should do all in our power to ensure that as many points as possible are taken from the home games.

I am at present making out an order that I hope to have sent away in time for the new season. I am hoping to get a few small flags for members of the shed crew and some airhorns, balloons et cetera. Last season a bugle was acquired and I believe one of the Strabane boys can actually play it? I would also like to add a megaphone to the collection if I could source one handy enough. I am open to suggestions for other items that could possibly be added to our ever growing collection.

To fund this, I was going to propose that we do some sort of a collection among the supporters, esp the half way line crew. This wouldn’t be a case of going around with a bucket begging people for cash, just asking for a couple of euro from people that will go to a good cause! I thought I’d post this up here to see what the feedback would be like….