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03/04/2005, 1:17 PM
...A sizeable contingent of both Rugby/Soccer international players have represented their clubs and counties and clubs with equal pride. Kevin Moran, Niall Quinn, Duffer, O Gara and Eric Miller ...

... It would have served Boothman better if he had rid the organisation of the blatant sectarianism that makes it extremely difficult for people of his own creed to partake in Gaelic games...The interesting name is Miller who having been a schoolboy at Wesley College and possessing an un-Irish name - like Boothman himself - would not have been the likely candidate to have played an sport under GAA control.

09/04/2005, 9:59 AM

Spot on about Jones's Road. Bohs played their before 1901 :D

09/04/2005, 10:05 AM
What the boy O'Banton said really.

It'll be interesting to see the GAA response to a formal invitation to share NI's proposed new super stadium, Pairc na Long Kesh :p
Well said because Pairc Na Long Kesh is going to be open to all sports and the Ulster Council of the GAA, the boys who brought Ulster Says No( to groundball and rugger in Croker) into Irish culture , have welcomed this development. We may even see Ulster Finals of bogball taking place in Staid Na Maze at Pairc Na Long Kesh in years to Come.

10/04/2005, 11:54 AM
Exclusive: UEFA are interested in holding a Champions League Final in the hallowed ground of Croke Park, reports of ex-GAA men turning in their graves, the pro Rule 42 lobby are shocked and stunned by the news. Will the pro Rule 42 muppets finally bow before God and beg for forgiveness for hanging onto such a stupid rule and embrace soccer in Croke Park for the first time in over ninety years as an act of reconcilliation. Remember, Pope John Paul II played soccer and it was never a "foreign sport" to him. :ball:

17/04/2005, 2:17 AM
Hail the Glorious Delegates that voted to open Croke Park to soccer for the first time in approx 95 years. :D Today was a victory for democracy, :D a victory for Ireland, :D a victory for soccer fans, :D a victory for GAA moderates and it sends a powerful message to the bigots! Welcome to the 21st Century!! :p