View Full Version : David kelly rumour

22/01/2002, 2:55 PM
Apparently $hel$ are in the running to sign David Kelly after he was released by Motherwell.

Would this be good for $hel$ or even the league?

22/01/2002, 5:52 PM
I think it's got more to do with his bust-up in Motherwell than his goal-scoring. Rumour has it, Ollie Byrne needs a new sparring partner :D

On a serious note, I think bringing back players like Kelly has a certain novelty value in that you might get a few people going along to see them for a few games, but as Liam O'Brien's spell at City showed it's not always good for the team.

28/01/2002, 5:07 PM
he's only after money....$hel$ cant afford him though so he has not signed..........